D2.3 Detailed engineering design

The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) Aarle-Rixtel is a biological treatment plant with a capacity of 272,000 p.e. (á 150 g TOD) and a hydraulic capacity of 14,000 m3/h. WWTP Aarle-Rixtel treats wastewater from households and businesses from the cities and residential Aarle-Rixtel, Bakel, Beek en Donk, Boerdonk, Deurne, Elsendorp, Trade, Helmond, Gemert Lieshout, Marihout, De Mortel and the Rips. The plant was renovated in 2004-2008. The current system consists of the following components: influent pumps, coarse screens (6 mm), sand- and fat removal, aeration tanks, clarifiers, sludge thickening and sludge dewatering. From the aeration tanks, the wastewater treatment plant was carried out in two identical lanes, each treating 50% of the total load.


The CellCap fine screeners installation will be newly installed. This installation will be integrated between the sand trap and the aeration tanks. New connections are made on the overflow of the sand trap for the supply of wastewater to the CellCap screens. To that end, the water flows by gravity. In this installation, the waste water will pumped and distributed over the fine screens. To this end, eight fine screens are installed with an option for extension to ten finescreens. The screened water (filtrate) is drained by gravity to one of the existing aeration tanks and the associated downstream process components. The captured debris is collected and centrally dewatered and stored in containers. The reject water of the dewatering is returned to the water line of the WWTP.


To implement the CellCap finescreens in the existing infrastructure the project team, with the support of IV-Water, made a thorough preliminary design that was the bases for the tender documents. In October 2015 the preliminary design was approved. Early November 2015 the tender procedure was launched.