Work Packages

Introduction to the Work Programme
The project structure is straight forward and divided in logical Work Packages (WPs). Besides the obvious project management (WP1 Management), the finescreen technology needs to be implemented at a municipal WWTP. Therefore a specific design and engineering phase is needed (WP2 Design). After obtaining the final design, the finescreen technology will be implemented at WWTP Aarle Rixtel (WP3 Construction). This first full-scale application will be used to build a reference, so the performance of the finescreen technology will be compared to the state-of-the-art and assessed (WP4 Building the reference) for further market uptake (WP5 Exploitation and business development). In WP5 a decision support model will be developed and used for feasibility plans for application of the finescreen technology at other WWTPs. Findings will be disseminated via existing and new paths (WP6 Dissemination to a broader audience).

The consortium comprises partners necessary to create a full-scale validated reference of wastewater influent finescreening for further market uptake of this new technological application. Relevant partners from the needed triple helix of commercial, public and knowledge organisations (golden triangle) are involved in the project. This mix of organisations is needed for the desired market replication. The commercial small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) in the consortium (BWA) play a central role in the project as they provide the innovative solution (WP2) and will exploit and creation a profitable business (WP5) with the build reference (WP4). The waterboard (WAM) acts as end-user of the technology and this public organisation is representative for the intended end-users of the influent finescreening technology, since public bodies such as waterboards or comparable organisations are normally responsible for treatment of municipal sewage in Europe. The consortium partners will assess the performance of the applied influent finescreening technology (WP4). Together they will disseminate the obtained project results to a wider audience (WP6), which benefits the exploitation and business development for further market uptake. The project is managed and coordinated (WP1) by KWR.