In WP2 the fine screen technology will be designed for implementation in one of the two existing wastewater treatment lines of RWZI Aarle Rixtel, being able to treat the FFT. Before construction and implementation, several activities need to be performed, which includes preliminary design, detailed design and preparation of a tenderbook. A challenge in the design is the high rain weather/dry weather ratio (approximately 6). Having variations of 50 to 3,500 m3/h in feed, the system must be able to run reliably at all time, without having sedimentation in the feed channels (at low capacity) or congestion in the channels (at high capacity). The hydraulic profile and pipe velocities are therefore extremely important. With the current WWTP characteristics and additional information, all details for the engineering will be obtained. Several decisions need to be taken and obligatory licenses and permits will be organised. After detailed engineering and arrangement of all requirements, fine screens can be constructed and implemented (WP3).
It is important that the design of the plant is made in a way, that allows a representative and validated monitoring can take place within the borders of operational window, without jeopardizing the performance of the WWTW (guaranteed effluent quality).
The new installation shall be realized in a way that the existing plant can remain fully operational during the construction period, without adding risks to the performance.